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Bus hits as usual

Posted in The Popular with tags , , , , on June 27, 2008 by Adam Sapiro

Scriptwriting Tip #253

IF YOU want to shake up your storyline but don’t really have any idea how, bring on the bus. Just have one of your characters walk or run into the middle of a roadway and make some deep or ironic declaration while totally oblivious to oncoming traffic. Then whammo!

“Creative” “genius” J.J. Abrams is the master. This could be what caused Felicity‘s hair to fall out:

Can you guess this chick’s Final Destination?:

Lost, another J.J. Abrams show, does away with one of its 478 characters:

Here’s a Nip/Tuck Bus/Hit:

Even the British love a good bus hit (double-deckers can do some real damage). From Skins:

Yet another J.J. Abrams show. This time it’s Alias:

Betcha didn’t see that coming!


Admit it

Posted in The Truth with tags , on June 1, 2008 by Adam Sapiro
  • With the characters on “Lost” appearing here, there and everywhere lately, it didn’t matter who was in that casket. Admit it.
  • You’re hoping something horrible happens to Sharon Stone soon. Admit it.
  • Deep down, you know we’re finally getting the gas prices we deserve. Admit it.
  • You say you’re “spiritual,” not religious, but even that’s bullshit. Admit it.
  • You can’t believe you got away with that tax return. Admit it.