OK, time to take care of some business, tie up some loose ends.

First, I never revealed the band behind the mystery song I wrote about in October. Here’s a clue: If I tell you, you’re gonna go “a-ha!”

Next, some good news: Rosie O’Donnell’s variety show tanked in the ratings last week, and won’t be picked up as a series! My fears were unfounded.

So were my fears about Sarah Palin. Her schtick didn’t play as well as I thought it woulpaused. Are Americans getting smarter?

I still have no explanation for all the references to pandas in my blog.

I still haven’t looked at a copy of the revamped Hartford Courant, and probably never will.

That’s because I’m moving out of state in a couple weeks to take a new job in Baltimore. So I’m putting the blog on pause in the meantime.

I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate your visiting here to read my random ravings, but it has meant so much to me during my “between-jobs” period of 2008. I have the greatest, and smartest, and funniest friends anyone could ever hope for.

During my downtime, you can always check out my sister Joan Beal‘s live blog on facebook. A lot of people told me they loved her posts here, so there’s more where that came from…

I’ll keep you updated on my new life once I get settled, so check back here. I can’t promise I’ll have the time (or the ideas) to keep it as up-to-date, but I’ll try. And please come visit me in Baltimore — the crabs are on me (…maybe I should rephrase that…)


7 Responses to “TCB … TBC …”

  1. Congrats again on the new gig. . .I’m looking forward to taking the short ride up the Baltimore/Washington Parkway to pay you a visit after you get settled in.

  2. Congrats, Adam! We will miss you so much and I’ll cry big fat tears when you leave, but we’re so happy that you found a good place to groove. Let me warn you that we WILL be crashing at your place on MANY weekends. There are crab cakes to be eaten, O games to catch and, oh yeah, whole nights to waste away playing Resident Evil with one of our oldest, dearest friends. Again, congrats!

  3. WOO HOO — you got the job! Congratulations, Adam. Tell us what you’ll be doing. Any writing? And when exactly do you leave?

  4. Unsatisfactory. You have a responsibility to continue this blog. How can I justify the wasted hours I’ve spent checking for updates at work.

  5. Haven’t been here in a while, Old Man. Had to find ways to cool off the BP. Now I’m back and you’re gone.
    I’m very happy for you. Can’t wait to hear how the new gig/home works out.
    Now … back to business. Scared of Palin? For what? Hot chick in the White House can’t be bad news. Besides, a jillion dumb fucks went out and elected a supposed Savior (singing angels here …) who had less experience than the VPilf. Now Barry is bitching and whining cause people want to take his picture. WHAT FUCKING JOB DID YOU THINK YOU WERE GETTING???? YOU’RE NOT SELLING BLUNTS AT THE 7-FUCKING-11!!!!!!

  6. Say it ain’t so. Well, I guess you already did say it’s so. Wish you all the best in Baltimore. And back to the mother ship! It’s just more material for the blog and a great place to watch the Yankees play, … I mean the Orioles.

    You’ll love the Balt-Wash area. Annapolis is a must-see.

    You’ll have to pass on some of your expert blog tips. I just started one with a friend. She’s doing most of the writing and I’m doing the editing.

  7. I am often searching for recent blogposts in the internet about this theme. Thanx!!

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