ENOUGH already with the one-hit wonders. I’ve written way too much on the subject. So let’s move on to two-hit wonders, OK?

These are the people who got lucky twice. There was Men Without Hats (“The Safety Dance” and “Pop Goes The World”), Paula Cole (“I Don’t Want To Wait” and “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone”) and the Tubes (“She’s A Beauty” and “Don’t Want To Wait Anymore.”)

But click HERE to see the most inexplicable two-hit wonder ever.


2 Responses to “LOVE ME TWO TIMES”

  1. “The American people. . .misunderestimated my ability to serve another term as the Decider. . .”

  2. I’m just glad you pulled the plug on the pop song entries. I know now I would fail miserably if that were a category on Jeopardy.

    As to W., Let’s face it, no matter who’s gets elected, we’re just trading one bullshit artist for another.

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