SOMETIMES prejudice keeps us from hearing good music. Even if they recorded a killer comeback song, there’s no way we’d ever hear new stuff from Hanson or the Cardigans or, God forbid, Kajagoogoo — these bands are at best uncool, at worst a joke. They’ve had their hits, we’ve sobered up and regret it now, and we’d like them to just go away.

But some bands persist against their better judgment, long past their 15 minutes, and sometimes they even create a song worth hearing.

A couple weeks ago I wrote about “Disappearing” by the Sinceros, a hit that shoulda been. Here’s another catchy pop-rock song that shoulda been big a few years ago. Only one thing held it back: the band.

I’m not gonna tell you who it is (the more Web-savvy of you can figure it out) but the band’s kind of a joke. I think the song would’ve reached more ears, and maybe even been a hit, if it was by Coldplay or Snow Patrol or some other band that was cool back in 2006. Instead, the song wasn’t even released in America (though it was a Top 10 hit in the U.K.) because the label probably knew no one would look past the band’s name and its undeserved status as one of the all-time one-hit wonders. They knew no one would give it a chance.

Anyway, open your ears and your mind and check it out. And can you guess who it’s by?

LISTEN: Mystery Song



  1. I’m stumped. Was it Five Neat Guys?

  2. No idea. . .David Hassellhoff?!?. . .Kidding. . .No clue.

  3. I like the song, Adam. I’m gonna go with “Hanson.” Production is a bit 90’s, synth and lots of reverb on background vocals. Henry likes the bass line, said it was pretty cool. Kind of has that young sweet high tenor vocal thing goin’ on, but I like the contrast between chorus and verse.

  4. It is a good song, but, then again, I LIKED the band back in their hay day. (I confess I used my “web savvy” to find out who it was. ;) Would you call Dead Or Alive or Baltimora jokes, too? Shoot. There’s no accounting for taste.

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