Overrated: J.J. Abrams Underrated: Jimmie “JJ” Walker

Overrated: the Dow Underrated: the now

Overrated: “Tropic Thunder” Underrated: the Lightning Seeds

Overrated: gravitas Underrated: gravy fries

Overrated: “House” Underrated: “Hoss”

Overrated: “unrated extended” Underrated: 90-minute runtime

Overrated: “Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead” Underrated: the devil you don’t know

Overrated: Robert Downey Jr. Underrated: Junior Brown


4 Responses to “THE OVER/UNDER”

  1. Little-known fact: Hoss — Dan Blocker — had a master’s degree.

  2. OMG … you know the Lightning Seeds? I actually thought of them the other day while thinking of “my band name” — the Explosive Dandelions. Anyway, if Darius Rucker can make a comeback, maybe the Seeds can too. Wish I could find their cassette …

  3. Overrated: 401(k) | Underrated: Ken-L Ration

    Overrated: Black Friday | Underrated: Black Monday

    Overrated: Watching “House” | Underrated: Keeping your home

  4. Excuse me, but Robert Downey Jr. “overrated?”. . did you see Natural Born Killers?. . .haha, sorry, couldn’t resist, it was on HBO last night.

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