THE “sleeker, smarter” Hartford Courant hit the stands yesterday (and probably stayed there all day). Having worked at the fatter, dumber Courant for 10 years, I suppose I should have checked it out, but even morbid curiosity couldn’t get me to do so.

Luckily, has a link right at the top of the front page so I could Learn More About The New Hartford Courant. Click and you’re treated to a three-minute promotional piece aired by sister channel Fox 61 (which, like the Courant, is owned by the Tribune Co.) about “The NEW Hartford Courant.” And wouldn’t you know it — they’re really excited about it!

Turns out the NEW Courant is “edgy”! (Too bad “edgy” hasn’t been edgy for about 10 years). I learned that the NEW Courant uses a new font that “really bolds up the design”! Well said!

The NEW Courant is “stacked with fresh new features.” And it will be “easier to read”! The paper’s storied history of “insightful writing and in-depth coverage” will continue! Well, I’m sold!

And so are the Fox 61 anchorbots, who seem particularly excited about the groundbreaking vertical “letterhead.” Best of all, the anchor dude tells us, the weekday papers will have “less pages so the readers can get their news quickly!” Yeah, all those pages of news were really standing in the way of my getting the news.

If you don’t feel like watching the Fox 61 video, you can simply read the accompanying error-filled transcription, which looks more like a copy editing test (if newspapers were still hiring copy editors.)

OK, OK, maybe I’ll check out the new Courant one of these days. I’ll just have to bold myself up first.


6 Responses to “ALL THE NEW THAT FITS”

  1. Ho. Lee. Shit. Not being a Connecticut media maven, I assume that the breathlessly laudatory tone of the channel 61 “article” means that the station and the paper are co-owned or somehow in bed with each other. Which, OK, but… the Courant couldn’t lend them a professional writer or copy editor for that article? Oh, never mind, I forgot, they don’t have those any more. All I can say is, it’s very, very hard NOT to be very excited about it. Man, the quotes from Courant higher-ups combined with the appearance of the front page just makes me depressed. They didn’t teach us this in journalism school. I guess we should have gone to the ones where Sarah Palin went.

  2. “The most dramatic change to the Hartford Courant is this mast head or the title, is actually going down the side of the paper. This has never been done to a newspaper in the United States. And they’ve also added dot com which is a significance difference. They’ve kept the Hartford Courant in the old English script and they have the come in a modern font bridging new with old.”

    WTF. . .did one of their paperboys write this up? Actually, scratch that, because it’s offensive to paperboys.
    Theez peeple ar in reel knead of sum proophreeders.

  3. So they laid off all those people to save money and then spent shitloads of money on THIS? My god.

  4. Is that the Front Page? I loved Paul Newman too, but giving him that much space on Page 1 is ridiculous!

  5. One thing’s for sure: Paul Newman didn’t wanna see the “new and improved” Courant.

  6. What a co-ink-i-dink. The Courant and Paul Newman died on the same day.

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