THE search engines took the bait last week and sent some people my way (see my previous post for details.) Searches for information about “mccain link to aig buyout” and “barack vs mccain on buyouts” led some unsuspecting people to my heaping pile of bullshit. Sorry about that.

Alarmingly, a lot of people who got to my blog apparently wanted to see Redskin foreskin, and were searching for things such as “chris cooley unedited nude pic.” Sorry to come up short here, folks.

In the meantime, there were more of those odd searches that make me laugh: “self pleasuring, how to,” “pleasuring animals,” “do eyes lie” and “i got bit in my front lawn it hurt?” I wonder if he got bit while pleasuring an animal…


One Response to “ENGINE TROUBLE”

  1. Why is that alarming? If we were more blase about our bodies (as they are in Europe, a bit) nobody would care, and of course since the whole story is about seeing the forbidden, people want to see. Incidentally, I found it and he doesn’t seem to have one so you’re guilty of false advertising.

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