Infinite Jester

WE lost an amazing writer over the weekend. No, I never read “Infinite Jest” either, but I loved David Foster Wallace‘s nonfiction (check out “A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again” and “Consider the Lobster,” two great compendiums of essays and magazine articles.)

Wallace was a genius, a prick and a prankster all in one. Sometimes it seemed like he wrote stuff just to piss off the reader, or at least the magazine editor who hired him, and his endless tangles of footnotes — as amusing as they were — could test anyone’s patience. But there was never a dull moment in his essays, even when he was writing about life’s dull moments. All you have to do is read his hilarious and kinda sad piece about the Caribbean cruise he took — the “supposedly fun thing” — and you can tell that he didn’t really fit into this world he wrote about. It’s just too bad that writing about his alienation apparently wasn’t answer enough for him.

Eye Carumba

When ABC’s Charlie Gibson asked Sarah Palin in last week’s interview if she could look Americans in the eye and tell them that she has the experience to be vice president and perhaps president, she actually says “I do” with her eyes closed! (Later, ironically, she says we “must not blink” when dealing with terrorists.) And is it just me or does Gibson seem completely exasperated midway through the interview?

Dickiest Quote Of The Week

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, trying to convince Texans that Hurricane Ike was no joke, offered this bon mot when asked to address “hurricane fatigue,” the media-coined term used to describe the weariness of those who have had to pack up their lives and loved ones and evacuate their homes over and over again these past few years:

“Well, unless you’re fatigued with living, I suggest that you ought to take very seriously a storm of this size and scale.”

I think I’ve got asshole fatigue.


One Response to “SORE SUBJECTS”

  1. Hurricane Fred Says:

    Bon mot? Look who’s done gone and stole a thesauraus!!!! What the fuck does a hurricane have to do with candy?
    Anyhow, as a native of hurricane land, I think Alan’s ahole of the week was spot on. I interpret his statement this way: Unless you want your head blown so far up your asshole that you eventually disappear (try that French-Swiss atom smasher!), pack up your shit and get out! If you’re too stupid to leave, don’t blame us.
    However, Sapino’s view is pretty common around his parts: Bush is God. He has The Power to unleash flooding and trash an environment in ways that normally take thousands of years.
    I gotta add this: Barack (SING ANGELS!!!!!!!)

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