IMAGINE you just went through a horrible breakup and your ex keeps showing up every morning on your front lawn, waiting for you to come out of the house. You’d freak out, right?

Welcome to my world. That’s been my problem every day since I ended my long-term relationship with The Hartford Courant back in May. When I quit my job, I walked out the door and didn’t turn back — it was a clean break, I thought. Yet every morning I wake up to an ugly reminder of our doomed relationship.

In happier times, getting the Courant for free was one of the best perks of the job. OK, it was the only one, but still…

When I quit, I figured the paper would stop coming. Yet four months later, it still arrives every morning. The only difference? Every couple weeks, I get a bill or a phone call, usually with a warning that if I don’t pay up now, the paper will stop coming. I ignore them all, and guess what? The paper just keeps on coming. And coming. I think it’s just kinda mocking me now.

As much as I’d love to send my money to The Courant, I never actually subscribed to the paper — turns out the paper subscribed me, without my permission, a few weeks after I quit my job and my free employee subscription ended. Guess The Courant needs every last person for its circulation figures these days.

Of course it could all stop tomorrow: I got another phone call from the paper today, and the automated voice warned me that my subscription would end Wednesday morning “for nonpayment” if I didn’t call back and settle up. Yeah, I’ll get right on that…

So, I’m curious to see what happens tomorrow: Am I rid of my ex for good, or will she be there in the morning as always?

To be continued…



  1. Just sitting here waiting to see if you still got the paper. . .I’m sensing a recurring theme, Adam. . .newspapers, kitty cats, they all keep returning to your doorstep.

  2. 45vinyljunkie Says:

    Adam, obviously you have already forgotten about one of the other perks offered here at The Courant: the cafeteria pizza doled out every few months during the newsroom meetings. Oh, wait…come to think of it, you’re right. Getting the newspaper for free is the only worthwhile perk of working here.

  3. 45vinyljunkie Says:

    While on the subject of perks, I did forget the following one: free long-distance phone calls. I’m pretty sure making personal calls — especially those of the out-of-state variety — on work time is against company policy, but I have saved a bundle over the years by not making long-distance calls from home. Heck, I have to justify my measly paycheck any way possible, right?

  4. Funny story: When I worked at the New Haven Register, everyone on the copy desk started getting telemarketer calls…you guessed it…from the Register trying to sell us subscriptions to the paper! We kept telling them, we’re just down the hall, assholes, and we get our papers for free just like you. But they kept at it for about two weeks.

  5. Adam: wait until you get the collection notice. Seriously, the Courant will try to collect what you owe.

  6. I got a bill today, called the customer service dept. and said that I had never subscribed. The surprisingly friendly woman said she’d take care of it and erase the charge. We’ll see…

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