Overrated: “Generation Kill” Underrated: Generation X

Overrated: Scrabulous Underrated: scrapple

Overrated: “A History Of Violence” Underrated: a moment of silence

Overrated: Katy Perry Underrated: Perry Como

Overrated: Johnny Depp Underrated: “Who’s Johnny”

Overrated: “Heroes” Underrated: gyros

Overrated: M.I.A. Underrated: OMD

Overrated: Electability Underrated: Erectibility

Overrated: Sugarland Underrated: Candy Land


3 Responses to “THE OVER/UNDER”

  1. Fred the Lost Rater Says:

    I can’t resist.
    Overrated: Wilco and Beck.

  2. 45vinyljunkie Says:

    Overrated: Marilyn Monroe — Underrated: Marilyn Chambers

  3. Fred again Says:

    How could I forget. The overrated of all overrated: the beatles. WTF?

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