THANKS for the feedback on the I-hate-the-Olympics movie marathon post below. I used a list of Summer Olympics games to come up with the films and, being American and all, I interpreted Football as Football, and not Soccer. I thought about it later and realized I screwed up, so I’ve adjusted the post.

And here are the other Summer Olympics sports I couldn’t come up with movies for. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Field events (like the long jump, pole vault and javelin)
  • Badminton
  • Gymnastics (“Gymkata,” anyone?)
  • Handball
  • Judo (Maybe “Goldfinger”? Didn’t Pussy Galore practice it, among other things?)
  • Pentathlon/Triathlon
  • Rowing (“Dead Poets Society”?)
  • Taekwondo (how ’bout Rex Kwon Do in “Napoleon Dynamite”?)
  • Weighlifting

A gold medal to anyone who can help fill in the gaps…


3 Responses to “NO MORE GAMES (Some More)”

  1. Those are some tough categories. Here’s the best I can do, for the moment:

    Badminton: Dragon Lord with Jackie Chan

    Weightlifting: Pumping Iron (Ok, it was about bodybuilding, but lots of weights were lifted).

  2. I think “Meatballs” covers a lot of events. Definitely swimming, running and football non-Americano. Is competitive hot dog eating an Olympic sport?

  3. Forrest Gump for badminton

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