I DON’T write personal stuff here — I can’t imagine why some bloggers think their lives are important to other people.

But I had a great weekend and you’re gonna have to hear a little bit about it. I just spent four days reuniting with friends from my past — a college roommate (and his family) and a bunch of co-workers from my first newspaper job 20 years ago. Even though I had been out of touch with most of them for a long, long while (I admit I can be a prick when it comes to friendship upkeep), we all picked up right where we left off, laughing at the funny stuff and even at the sad stuff that’s happened to us since last we met up.

There’s a word for people who instantly make you feel comfortable and cared for, even when you haven’t talked in years: It’s “family.” So thank you for the great weekend, Craig, Marleis, Claudia, Gordon, Geoff, Chris, Karen, Alice, Ben and Erin — you remind me that our lives are important to other people.

(And special thanks to Bob Dylan, who kinda won me over Friday in Philly. I might just have to see you again in few years too.)


3 Responses to “SO WHERE WERE WE?”

  1. Fred Friendly Says:

    What? No video?

  2. It was super seeing you, too, Adam, and hopefully we’ll see each other again soon.

  3. It was a blast. We have to get together more often. You should host the next one. Hey, you’re living ina rental house, so if something gets trashed it’s not yours so it doesn’t matter! (just kidding).

    Gotta go now — those bluefish are bitin’!

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