SO I Googled my name (yeah, like you don’t), and one of the top results was for a site called JLove. Turns out it’s a social networking site for Jewish singles (and not, as I had hoped, full of pictures of that “Ghost Whisperer” chick).

“People in the Jewish faith just like adam sapiro are making Jewish dating so worthwhile, so don’t hesitate, become involved, and start meeting Jewish singles now!” the copy on the website exclaims, name-dropping me for some reason. “JLove is the spot to rub elbows with adam sapiro, and other incredible Jewish singles looking for new experiences.”

For me, being Jewish would be a new experience. As would picking a date based on religion. And how good can the site be if only elbows are getting rubbed?

I don’t know how JLove got my name (and it’s a pretty rare name, so I’m claiming it as mine), but apparently this website is inserting lots of Jewish and Jewish-sounding names into its ad copy, and Google is falling for it. I did some testing to see if similar names produced the same results: JLove comes up as a result when I search for “Aaron Sapiro” or “Seth Sapiro” but not when I search for “Adolf Sapiro” or “Adam Hamilton III”.

JLove’s deceptive tactic has prompted complaints from people who don’t want to be associated with the website, and it seems JLove might be complying — today, I see my name only on the cached page, and not on the live page. Still, though, JLove is the fourth search result when I Google my name.

So, in the hope of messing with Google, I’m going to try something here: Adam Sapiro is not a member of JLove. Adam Sapiro is not a member of JLove. Adam Sapiro is not a member of JLove. Adam Sapiro is not a member of JLove. Adam Sapiro is not a member of JLove. Adam Sapiro is not a member of JLove. And Jennifer Love Hewitt, if you’re reading this, call me. Even if you’re not Jewish.



  1. Uh-oh, Adam. More unauthorized appropriation of your identity:
    – North Branford High School is claiming that you are an alum, no doubt to boost enrollment
    – Temple Beth Am is claiming that you just celebrated a B’nai Mitzvah. In the next paragraph, they announced their annual appeal. Coincidence?
    – An organization calling themselves “” is trying to pass you off as the Chief Financial Officer of their multi-million dollar corporation. Don’t worry, I’ve already cc’d Richard Blumenthal on this.

  2. Fred the Non Says:

    Googled “fred and jlove” and got Fred Kreitzer. Not me. Damn.

  3. well, I’ll be. Joan Sapiro is looking for Jewish love, too! #4 on googling my maiden name. Guess they didn’t realize I went for WASPs.

  4. Thanks for the post

  5. B Winkelman Says:

    How do you contact Jlove for a complaint?
    Every email has come back to me.
    I suggest that anyone considering jlove absolutely avoid it due
    to poor business practices.

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