The Over/Under

Overrated: Jimmy Buffett Underrated: Jimmy Eat World

Overrated: The new “Doctor Who” Underrated: “The New Zoo Revue”

Overrated: “Batman Begins” Underrated: Split Enz

Overrated: Gus Van Sant Underrated: Van Damme

Overrated: polls Underrated: Poles

Overrated: Rihanna Underrated: “Syriana”

Overrated: “Devils and Dust” Underrated: Angels & Airwaves

Overrated: “Mystic River” Underrated: Mr. Misty


7 Responses to “The Over/Under”

  1. Rater of the Lost Fred Says:

    Overrated: Economic crisis (don’t bitch when the neighbors who don’t work get a big screen plasma and airlines are overbooked); Underrated: The theory that people bitch too much.
    Ditto on Split Enz!

  2. 45vinyljunkie Says:

    Underrated: The Rolling Stones (1963-1974) * Overrated: The Rolling Stones (1975-present)

  3. Rater of the Lost Fred Says:

    Overrated: Wilco (country music for the hipster crowd that hates country music). Underrated: Son Volt (by far the best result of Uncle Tupelo).

  4. Overated: Warren Beatty. Underated: Ned Beatty and Betty Rubble.

  5. Did I steal that one from you Adam?

  6. No, man, that’s all you! (I was a Wilma guy.)

  7. 45vinyljunkie Says:

    Overrated: Jimmy Eats World * Underrated: Divine eats dog shit

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