Who wants to call bullshit?

Reader contest

Something’s pissing you off, right? Something that seems to have fooled everyone but you? Or is there something you hate — a movie, a celebrity — that everyone else loves? Or vice versa? Or are the news media doing something that drives you nuts? Or are you just getting tired of all these questions?

Well, it’s time to get your vent on. Send me a few paragraphs exposing some unpleasant truth that nobody else seems to grasp. I’d like to post the best piece(s) next week (so don’t leave me hanging), and the writer of my favorite entry will get a small but decent prize.

Send your rant — er, your well-reasoned argument — with your name and mailing address to thismighthurtblog@gmail.com by 5 pm EDT Wednesday, June 18.

Good luck!


4 Responses to “Who wants to call bullshit?”

  1. matt burgard Says:

    I hate everything, especially blogs!

  2. 45vinyljunkie Says:

    I hate everything, especially Matt Burgard!

  3. 45vinyljunkie Says:

    In all seriousness, though, what I really don’t like is the news media because those who run the newspapers and 24-hour news channels think everyone in the general public is a political news junkie. We aren’t. Don’t run a 30-inch story every day about the race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (OK, I know it’s over now, but weren’t we all getting tired of hearing about it?), and then tell me that there is anything substantial in the story that I haven’t already heard before. Stop regurgitating the same old stuff (especially the political stuff) over and over, and give me — the reader — something worth reading.

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