Get it? He’s a panda and he knows kung fu

The animated film “Kung Fu Panda” took in $60 million at the box office last weekend. For real. “Kung Fu Panda.” Are they even trying anymore? What did they do, just spin a wheel of random things kids love?

OK, Hollywood. Run with these and thank me later:

  • Ninja Koala
  • Skateboard Hippo
  • Recess Monkey
  • Mixed Martial Arts Otter
  • Pillow Fight Hamster
  • Fart Joke Dinosaur
  • Nose Pick Dolphin
  • Purple Nurple Penguin
  • Touch Himself Tortoise
  • Play Grand Theft Auto At Friend’s House While His Mom’s Away Meerkat
  • Blow Shit Up Bunny
  • Groin Kick Chipmunk

6 Responses to “Get it? He’s a panda and he knows kung fu”

  1. Laughing hysterically right now. .and spitting up my second cup of highly-addictive coffee. . .but Adam, seriously, you shouldn’t make fun of pandas. Not cool.

  2. Frigid Fred Says:

    What? Nothing with a Bush-kills-polar bears theme? You’re going soft already.

  3. 45vinyljunkie Says:

    We’ll know Hollywood has reached its nadir when it releases “Punky Brewster: The Movie.”

  4. Craig Giangiulio Says:

    Hey, let’s get JACK BLACK to do it!

  5. Oh..that’s great… I think that is so good, cool, funky and funny film becozz..the film is about kungfu and I like it..

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