Dumb da-dumb dumb dumb

There are stupid ideas and then there are stupid ideas. Just how dumb do you have to be to do this shit?:

  • Pulling the tomatoes from McDonald’s burgers. Yeah, the tomatoes are the part that’ll kill you.
  • Calling your guerrilla group FARC.
  • Singing a racist song. While slanting your eyes. And squeezing your breasts. While high on crack. In what looks like a drug den. While being videotaped.
  • Trying to impeach President Bush. What for? It’s not like he got a blow job.
  • Posting online warnings of your impending killing spree. What a waste of time — no one ever sees them till later.
  • Telling Spike Lee to shut his face. Like that’ll do it.
  • Buying the new iPhone 3G on release day.
  • Letting news crews film you bowling for the first time in decades.
  • Going anywhere you might have to fight off a Komodo dragon to survive.

2 Responses to “Dumb da-dumb dumb dumb”

  1. Unregistered Fred Says:

    Impeach him for what? Being the centerpiece of Michael Moore’s jackoff fantasies? Impeaching the last one because he unclogged the intern’s drain with the wrong plunger was really dumb and embarrasing. But trying to impeach this one is like arguing what’s more real: Pro wrestling or Harry Potter getting chicks? Until the critics come up with something more than opinions, put the Clinton crank in it.

  2. Unregistered Fred Says:

    Dude, where’s my post. Censor!

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